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Credit ratings are forward-looking opinions about creditworthiness. They provide investors with a common and transparent global language to form views and comparisons of the relative likelihood that promoters will be able to repay debt in full and on time. Credit ratings are just one of many factors that investors and other market participants may consider in their decision-making process
Credit rating is an opinion about credit risk. They can make decisions about an entity's ability and willingness to meet its financial commitments as they mature, as well as the credit quality of an individual debt issue (such as a corporate or municipal bond) and how that issue might default.
Credit ratings also contribute to the development and smooth functioning of capital markets by providing transparent information and insight to market participants.
You want to explain your credibility and financial strength to others. You need a credential. Our Corporate Credit Rating (Sponsor Credit Rating) gives you that credential – our unique view of your company's overall creditworthiness. Use it as an information tool for your business counterparties such as banks, customers, suppliers, investors and joint venture partners.
Credit Rating
Credit Rating
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Credit Rating Distribution
Credit Rating Distribution

Our credit ratings are used for release to the public or private market or, where applicable, for internal (confidential) administrative use only.

They are distributed, where applicable, on the following basis:

Public Ratings: Published through our website and various news outlets, for issuers of publicly rated securities or private loan transactions of any size.

Private Rating: Distributed to designated third parties via a secure website.

Confidential Rating: Not released to the outside world, only provided for internal use by customers.

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