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Want to understand how rating assessment services are typically used to assess the impact of restructurings, mergers, divestitures, or significant changes in debt or capital structures.

ICMA's Rating Assessment Service is an analytical tool for rated or unrated entities that are considering strategic or financial moves that may affect their reputation. At the request of a rated or unrated entity, we will provide feedback on the potential indicative ratings of the entity's proposed scenarios. Rating reports are often used to assess the impact of restructuring, mergers, divestitures, or significant changes in debt or capital structure.

Understand the impact of your proposed move on your reputation

When exploring strategic options, you may wish to assess in advance how your proposed plans might affect your credibility. Decisions to undertake significant capital programs, manage debt capacity, change the structure of operations, or alter the mix of securities types in issue can have a material impact on credit. This is where we can help.

Get helpful feedback and gain valuable insights before you act

Our rating assessment service conducts a confidential assessment of the potential credit impact of your proposed strategic plans before they are implemented to identify those plans that are likely to result in credit outcomes that you deem more or less favorable. This is an especially valuable benefit whether you're considering just one plan or multiple alternatives.

The right tool for your organization
The Rating Evaluation Service has been used to measure the potential rating impact of important initiatives such as:
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Divestment of assets or lines of business
• Capital plan alternatives and/or additional debt under consideration
• Capital and liquidity portfolio restructuring
• Recapitalization (including senior and subordinated debt)
• Creation of new holding and subsidiary structures
• Hedging and capital relief transactions (securitization, hybridization, derivatives and reinsurance)
• New funding techniques such as commercial paper programs
• Pre-packaged or pre-emergent bankruptcy alternatives

According to your scene analysis

Provide us with the what-if scenarios you are considering and we will provide you with timely feedback from the Ratings Evaluation Committee based on each scenario you propose. Please note that the process and results of the rating evaluation service are confidential.

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