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Towards a Global Valuation Specialization
Towards a Global Valuation Specialization
ICMA is at the forefront of the global valuation community. The Institute is participating in the global consultation process of international credit management standards led by a number of international financial and academic institutions.
ICMA leads the way in the transparent and robust process of developing consistent global standards. As it continues to gain recognition and acceptance in the international market, the demand for ICMA from all walks of life around the world will increase. Professionals across the price spectrum will continue to represent the trusted valuation practice wherever we serve.
A set of global valuation standards developed by ICMA. A rigorous framework formalizes best practices in the credit management industry. And committed to the highest standards of valuation practice, a multifaceted research process is ongoing, including practitioner interviews, publications, and bespoke ICMA training.
Credit management is indispensable to all walks of life, with unlimited job resources, one of the most widely applicable and rewarding professions.
Professionals in credit valuation are needed in all walks of life around the world. From finance to healthcare, from infrastructure to retail, any industry cannot do without credit evaluation when doing financial financing or making financial statements. It is one of the few careers in the world that allows you to enter the industry that interests you most, no matter what the industry. You can learn more about employment in major industries through ICMA.
Exam requirements
Exam requirements

Exam requirements help provide the knowledge needed to provide clients with professional, competent and ethical financial planning services. The requirement has two main parts:
1. A bachelor's degree in any discipline from an accredited college or university
2. Complete the courses and examinations approved by the ICMA committee

Those who have graduated from a university and passed the ICMA qualification examination to become an international credit manager can apply for the MBA courses of our partner universities through credit recognition. Only need to add 3 required courses and a graduation thesis to grant a legal MBA degree graduation Certificate.
The universities we are currently cooperating with are: California Metropolitan University And Nasdaq Business School

ICMA exams are held three times a year: March, July and November. Test topics include credit risk management and analysis, among other important topics. All aspects of the exam are guided by ICMA professionals, including determining content coverage, scoring and passing criteria. Passing the exam results will be issued by ICMA for credit management and analyst certificates. If you need to know more about the examination business in various regions of the world, you can inquire through e-mail
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